• We work with you to create places and experiences that are rich with meaning and opportunities for visitor engagement.  Our tools include workshops, design facilitation, research, modeling, sketching – and face-to-face conversations either at the project site or through digital media.
  • We question and communicate constantly to help you derive efficient and humane operational strategies.
  • We harness both technology and ecology to develop innovative solutions that sustain our relationship with Nature.

The world in which your projects exist is constantly changing as worldwide demographics shift, new patterns of leisure and learning emerge, and new realms of knowledge and experience are unveiled.  We are, therefore, constantly striving to search out and incorporate innovative approaches and practices that truly engage and inspire both visitors and staff.

To accomplish this, the Studio is structured as a core group of highly-experienced designers who work in regular partnership with technical experts and local professionals to meet the specific needs of each project – wherever it happens to be.  This combination of skills ensures that each project melds an enduring vision for the future with the in-depth specialized knowledge and local presence necessary to bring such projects to fruition.