The studio is happily engrossed in multiple  projects at various stages of design and construction. 
The following is a sampling of our current endeavors.


Auckland Zoo orangutan and siamang gibbon exhibit rendering

Auckland Zoo | Southeast Asia
Auckland, New Zealand

Project includes:

Orangutan and siamang gibbon exhibit
Sumatran tiger exhibit
Asian small-clawed otter exhibit
Tropical dome with tomistoma, fresh water reptiles and fish
Elevated Boardwalk

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo hippo, penguin and primate plan

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo | Hippo, Penguin & Primates
Colorado, USA

Anticipated Opening 2019

Project Includes:

Hippo indoor-outdoor exhibit with warthogs and birds
Penguin indoor-outdoor exhibit
Lemur indoor-outdoor exhibit
Small primate exhibit
Presentation area with animal encounter
Suspension bridge from nature play area

Marsh Hippo concept section

Fresno Chaffee Zoo | Marsh Hippo
California, USA

Project Includes:

Hippo exhibit with grasslands and underwater viewing
Primate exhibit
African bird aviary
Crocodile exhibit

Houston Zoo sea lion exhibit rendering

Houston Zoo | Galapagos
Texas, USA

Project Includes:

Sea lion exhibit, amphitheater and underwater viewing
Shark exhibit
Tortoise and iguana exhibit
North Entry

Houston Zoo Pantanal rendering - otter and jaguar

Houston Zoo | Pantanal
Texas, USA

Project Includes:

Giant otter exhibit
Howler monkey and tamarin exhibit
Jaguar exhibit
Macaw and curassow exhibit
South American bird walk-through aviary
Mixed species exhibit with tapir, giant anteater, rhea and capybara

Houston Zoo Texas Wetlands rendering

Houston Zoo | Texas Wetlands
Texas, USA

Project Includes:

Eagle exhibit
Alligator exhibit
Crane exhibit
Wetland walk
Restaurant and outdoor dining


Monterey Bay Aquarium | Penguin Exhibit Renovation
California, USA

Project Includes:

African penguin exhibit
Penguin encounter

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium - Coastal Waters Sea Lions - underwater viewing rendering

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium | Coastal Waters Sea Lion Exhibit
Nebraska, USA

Project Includes:

Sea lion exhibit
Underwater viewing
Nature play spaces
Training demonstration area

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo tree section-elevation

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo | Loose in the Zoo
California, USA

Project Includes:

Free-flight birds throughout
Meerkat exhibit
Turtle and tortoise exhibit
Racoon exhibit
Interactive interpretive sculptures and features
Rabbit exhibit
Giant, walk-through/climb through tree and tree house
Interaction zone