Welcome to Studio Hanson|Roberts where one will find a streamlined, tight-knit group of dauntless designers with considerable skills, breadth and depth of knowledge, and a sustained enthusiasm for play.  This combination of professional expertise and a bit of whimsy makes us a firm that our clients trust and enjoy working with.  That relationship, to us, is the critical ingredient of a highly collaborative design process of exploration and creativity.

Our team shares a love for the natural world that includes animals and people—we hold a special place of deep regard for those who work tirelessly on behalf of the amazing wild places and species with whom we share this world.  We believe that their stories, passions and perspectives need to be shared broadly so that others may become informed and inspired participants in conservation.  We are motivated by a deep conviction that there is nothing more powerful than one-on-one experiences that capture the imagination, and that connect us with one another and with LIFE.

We are many things – artists, poets, storytellers and explorers – but mostly we are a dedicated group of innovators who get things built.




Exciting News!

The Studio is extraordinarily pleased to announce that Jason Hill will be joining our intrepid “tribe” of talented zoo planners and designers. Many of you may know Jason from his former work as Senior Associate with The Portico Group, or current contributions as Creative Director of Exhibits at The Bronx Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society. We are looking forward to Jason’s arrival in March, when he will begin lending his considerable talents to the team in achieving the Studio’s goal of conservation BY design.


Becca Hanson, fasla
Partner | principal

Becca has developed a widely recognized expertise in the planning and design of powerful places that convey stories linking us to our place in the natural world.  As a Landscape Architect, she is adept at integrating a broad understanding of ecosystem dynamics and sustainable approaches with social psychology, policy planning, horticulture and aesthetics.  This has enabled her to pursue commissions that seek to celebrate the dynamic interactions between infrastructure, people, place and perception that create the landscape of human experience.

Becca brings a well-developed set of communication, facilitation and consensus-building skills to each project, helping to achieve a balance between potentially divergent program requirements, design components and stakeholder groups.  These skills have been invaluable in serving repeat clients by promoting productive discussion, decision-making and action, as well as in building a shared understanding of the special opportunities and potential within each group and project. 

1979  BLA, University of Washington

Landscape Architect, State of Washington

2003  Partner, Studio Hanson|Roberts
2000  Fellow, ASLA
1983  Founding Principal, The Portico Group
1980  Associate, Jones & Jones
1979  Designer, WGHT, Inc. Architects
1978  Environmental Planner, City of Seattle


david roberts, asla
partner | principal

A prolific designer, astute project manager and seasoned principal, David has a laser-sharp eye for what lies at the crux of any project matter.  His professional experience includes responsibility for the organization, design and management of conservation-minded projects that range from intimate gardens to some of the most significant public recreation facilities in the Pacific Northwest, and that include a wide spectrum of zoo and aquarium projects around the globe.

David’s particular expertise lies in his grasp of the entire process of design, from conceptualization through details and into construction.  These skills underpin Studio Hanson|Roberts’ many on-going client relationships that depend on his ability to lead teams, and to thoroughly integrate creative concept development with implementation strategies and budget realities.

1973  BLA, University of Washington
1968  BS, Western Washington University

Landscape Architect, State of California, Florida, Texas, Washington and British Columbia

2003  Partner, Studio Hanson|Roberts
1983  Founding Principal, The Portico Group
1980  Senior Associate, Jones & Jones
1978  Associate, Jones & Jones
1974  Partner, Talley/Roberts Associates
1973  Associate, Talley & Associates



As a landscape architect and art director, Keith seamlessly combines creative vision with results-oriented detail in a highly collaborative design process. With a compassion for animals, visitors and staff, he ably translates unique and complex ideas into fun and amazing nature-based visitor experiences that define a unique relationship with the environment. Keith emphasizes the importance of listening before doing, engendering a fully integrated process that coalesces the ideas, thoughts, goals and commitment of all those involved. This allows diverse and complex design and client teams to become a cohesive, creative force that can achieve anything.

Keith’s critical eye, organizational skills and technical expertise are key to both the creation and execution of projects, from developing drawings early in the design process to working on site with contractors and artists. His attention to detail, emphasis on quality, and continual quest to find new ways to achieve great design have led to critically acclaimed and award-winning projects in the US and around the globe.

1978  BLA, Colorado State University

Landscape Architect, State of California, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, New York, Washington

2015  Principal, Studio Hanson|Roberts
1994  Principal, The Portico Group
1988  di Giacomo, Inc.
1979  EDAW, Inc.

From Left to Right Back:  David, Andrew, Keith, Ryan    Middle: Andrea, Becca    Front:  Melissa, Megan, Susan, Chris

From Left to Right

Back:  David, Andrew, Keith, Ryan    Middle: Andrea, Becca    Front:  Melissa, Megan, Susan, Chris


Andrea Barnes, PLA
Senior Associate

Andew Leach, PLA
Senior Associate

Senior Associate

Megan Nielsen Hegstad, WA R.A., AIA
Senior Associate

Ryan Hall
Senior Associate

Susan Murray, PLA
Senior Associate

Melissa Wheeler
Senior Associate



Receptionist, Springer Spaniel

Quality Control, Java Rice Finch